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California With Kids: Surfing USA In Coastal Cardiff and La Jolla

California With Kids: Surfing USA In Coastal Cardiff and La Jolla

California Family Beach Holiday Ideas

With family scattered the length of the USA West Coast and flights from Australia’s eastern seaboard usually cheaper to fly to LA over other US cities, we’ve spent a lot of time over the years in sunny California.

As beach lovers and surf seekers, we’ve gravitated to the coastal towns in and around San Diego as they offer the perfect mix of laidback charm and outdoors activities while still being within striking distance of all the big attractions that attract droves of holidaymakers from around the world to the region.

(Yes, we’re talking Legoland, Disneyland and Disney Adventure Park, Hollywood, the San Diego Zoo et al)

While we’re certainly not immune to the lure of these big ticket attractions (see our video below of exploring Disneyland in a day), we think the area has so much more to offer, especially for families who like their thrills to be of the more natural kind (and without big admission fees).

We’re talking swimming with wild seals, surfing iconic California breaks, hiking coastal lookouts and exploring historic parks. We cobbled together a short rundown on how to add a bit of California magic to your next USA sojourn over on in conjunction with Visit California and Air New Zealand; you can read all about it here:

In the article we cover the towns of Cardiff By The Sea and La Jolla, as well as attractions in and around San Diego’s downtown and nearby beach suburbs.

Do you have a favourite family holiday spot in California too? Share with us your tips in the comments below!

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